Fishing is the great outdoor activity for relaxing in your free time and having the fresh raw material for your delicious meal. Becoming an fishing expert requires a lot of time and efforts, but we can start to learn fishing from some basic step as below:

  •  STEP1: Getting some simple gear: rod and reel, tackle, bait, sharp knife, chopping board, a cloth to wipe your hand and hold the fish, first aid kits, etc ( optional items such as a bucket or gloves). You can find the best spinning reel in some websites like .
  • STEP 2: You have many choices: minnows, night crawlers, red worms and crickets, live prawns, squid. You can buy in the bait shop and try to get by yourself: Get minnows out of a nearby creek by using a dip net, look under stream rocks for crayfish, find red worms and crickets under logs and leaf litter. The bait depends on the type of fishing and the weather conditions. For float fishing, the common baits are mackerel strips, sand eels and squid.
  • STEP 3:Make your fishing knots: You can search some common types of knots: a lock blood knot, a clinch knot, etc with the guide video.
  • STEP 4:Choose the right fishing place: ponds, lakes, streams, rivers. If you live near the coast, you can catch all kinds of saltwater fish around piers and large rocks close to shore. If your place is inland, a pond can be your best choice- most ponds are loaded with bluegills and bass.
  • STEP 5:Understand the kind of fishing you are planning to catch. For example, if you choose the coast, you probably easy to catch mackerel. That fish is in the depth between 8ft to 20ft, in piers and rocks which are past the shore line. You must know the basic knowledge for each type of fish you want to catch.
  • STEP 6:Wait your first fish to bite: FISHING REQUIRE LOTS OF PATIENCE. You can enjoy the quiet moment which can vary from few minutes to few hours.
  • STEP 7:Do quickly when the fish bite: MAKE THE HOOK by raising the pole quickly, then hold your pole straight up in the air, so the fish will be yours.
  • STEP 8:Remove the hook carefully:  All of fish you are going to catch from shore don’t have sharp teeth, but some of them have spiny fins. Grasp the fish slowly and certainly behind the head. Use needle-nose pliers to remove the hook, and enjoy your results.

 “Practices make perfect”. Following the process will help you easier to start fishing. Good luck!

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